Mycorrhizal Products.comTM is a company dedicated to providing the highest quality and most diverse Mycorrhizal Products available on this planet. Our Mycorrhizal Products are 100% natural and freshly harvested so as to enable you to achieve the best results possible. We offer the world’s finest and most diverse mycorrhizal species for use in all applications, ranging from your home gardening and landscape, to commercial applications. Mycorrhizal Products.comTM are also available for community landscaping golf courses, commercial farming, nursery farms and all other growers. We offer several types of Mycorrhizal Products.comTM for use with various application techniques, these include tablets, granular, powder and liquid forms. If a custom blend is required, we offer Mycorrhizal Quality custom blending.

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The Mycorrhizal relationship with plants is over 400 million years old and is one of the longest and most successful relationships in nature. There are
over 50,000 research studies on the Mycorrhizal relationship. The Mycorrhizal fungi excrete powerful chemicals that dissolve mineral nutrients, absorb water, retard soil pathogens, and glue soil particles together into a porous structure. In return, the Mycorrhizae fungus receives sugar and other compounds from plants to fuel Mycorrhizal activities. Both plant and fungus benefit from the “symbiotic relationship”. Research has documented improved plant nutrient and water uptake, plus resistance to a wide range of soil diseases and environmental extremes. Plants establish fruit and flower more abundantly; areas thrive with less irrigation, fertilizer, and pesticides. The Mycorrhizal network is nature’s original World Wide Web.

Mycorrhizal Products.comTM provides expert technical and scientific support. We optimize the benefits of using Mycorrhizae by working with the specific needs and conditions of our customers. Customer’s satisfaction is our number one priority and is the reason Mycorrhizal Products.com offers the highest quality and diverse inoculum.

Barb Niland

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